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Thanks for visiting!  This is my website containing gardening tips and perennial flower information - where I answer some of your questions and show you my favorite garden plants and how to grow them.

I'm Doug Green, a former nursery owner who used to grow 1600 varieties of perennials in my nursery every year (along with 600 varieties of annuals but we don't talk about those - friends don't let friends plant annuals) :-)  

I had a pretty impressive collection of perennials (some 300 varieties of daylilies alone) when I sold the farm because I was writing for a living and life moves on.  Now, I'm back to gardening and collecting but moving a bit slower (hey, I'm not 30 any more!) but still building new gardens every year.

I hope the articles and plant profiles here are useful to you and I wish you nothing but the best in your gardening adventure


Blog where the truth will come out - or we'll laugh about something together.
Full Sun Plants for that hot sunny spot.
Designing a perennial garden need not be overly difficult
The Shade Garden is my favorite place in my gardens.
Ground Covers the good, the bad and the just plain ugly about them.
Propagation or getting free plants because you can
How-to Tips of all kinds related to making a better perennial garden
Ornamental Grass can be wondrous or weedy
Perennial Herbs for when you want to go classical
Rock Garden tiny plants for big gardens
Pond Perennials for wet gardens

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